Since version 6.10 the online help is hosted centrally on Developers who provide an own help with their cartridges are facing the problem how to publish this help.

Either they use the central help. The self-created help can’t be integrated there. Or they install the whole help package locally (see How To Setup a Local Online Help). In this case they need to update the help package manually in their own responsibility.

With version 6.13 it is possible to use the standard help from central server and self-created help files which are stored locally. In addition the old method of associating help topics to actions is no longer supported for the MBO. The relevant topics have to be defined and assigned in the corresponding file Helptopics.xml in the directory Data/WebRoot/Doc/Help/<language code>/<cartridge name>. In Helptopics.xml all help topics which refers to the local help must be marked with the attribute IsLocal="1". All help topics that are not marked as local are requested from the central ePages help center server.

Use Case

The following use case illustrates the principle approach:

The cartridge MyCartridge comes with a special help MyCartridgeHelp.html. This help has to be displayed on the "Tab"-page of the cartridge MyCartridge using the help topic MyCartridgeHelpTopic. Two existing topics from central help should be displayed too in the help section, one of them in the area for additional topics. The page type MyCartridge_TabPage_Pagetype defines the presentation of the tab page of the cartridge.

1) Create the file Helptopics.xml as shown in the example below in the folder MyCartridge/Database/XML:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <Class reference="1" Path="/Classes/HelpTopic" />
<Object Alias="HelpTopics" reference="1">
  <HelpTopic Alias="MyCartridgeHelpTopic" IsLocal="1" URL="/MyCartridge/MyCartridgeHelp.html" delete="1" />
  <PageType reference="1" Alias="MyCartridge_TabPage_Pagetype">
    <PageTypeHelpTopic    HelpTopic="MyCartridgeHelpTopic" Position="10" delete="1" />
    <PageTypeHelpTopic    HelpTopic="[existing topic 1]" Position="20" delete="1" />
    <PageTypeHelpTopicExt HelpTopic="[existing topic 2]" Position="10" delete="1" />

2) Assign a display name for the topic in the file Translation.HelptopicsMyCartridge.en.xml (one translation file for each language needed):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
  <Language Language="en">
    <Object Path="/HelpTopics/MyCartridgeHelpTopic">
      <Attribute Name="HeadLine">Display name of MyCartridgeHelpTopic</Attribute>

In the element Object the help topic is defined and the cartridge path of the help file is assigned to. The missing part of the URL is provided by the system.

In the PageType element the help topics are assigned to the relevant page type.

3) Import the file Helptopics.xml to check the changes immediately.

4) Make a test installation of the whole cartridge.