UUID Repositories

Starting with ePages 7.5.0 you’ll need a personal UUID to patch ePages.

Contact ePages support to get your UUID.

Following sections show how to patch Flex Site and Flex Store if the source version is 7.4.0 or lower and the target version is 7.5.0 or higher. Otherwise patch Flex installations the default way.

Hereinafter we use the example UUID 1234abcd-1234-1234-1234-0123456789abcd, replace this by your personal UUID. With the example UUID, your UUID repository is:


Patch Installation Requirements

The patch 7.10.0 can only be applied to the previous ePages version.

The patch 7.10.0 works only on Linux, not on Windows.

The default MySQL database engine must be InnoDB. Check this by executing the SQL command SHOW ENGINES.

In the MySQL configuration file (mostly /etc/my.cnf) option skip-networking must not be set to 1. The default value is 0 so that you don’t need to change a original configuration file.

If the ePages database server doesn’t run, start it. Execute as Linux user root:

/etc/init.d/epages6 start_db

Stop all non-ePages applications (e.g. editors) that access files in directory $EPAGES.

Backup your data to be able to restore the initial state if the patch process fails or causes inconsistencies with customizations. The patch itself does not backup any data (neither databases nor files).

Patching requires internet connection to outside, at least HTTP and FTP clients must be able to download files from the internet.

Move all log files from $EPAGES_LOG/* to a backup directory.

If errors occur, stop the patch process, check the log file and contact ePages support. The log files are located in (HOSTNAME is the name of the machine):


Patch Flex Site

In Linux execute the following steps as Linux user root (use your own UUID):

export EPAGES_REPOURL=ftp://epages-software.de/repo/usr/$UUID
rpm -hUv $EPAGES_REPOURL/7.10.0/epages-release.noarch.rpm
/var/epages/update-epages.sh --singlehost --version 7.10.0 --repo $EPAGES_REPOURL

Update Repository on Each Flex Store

On each Flex store update the repository (use your own UUID):

echo "ftp://epages-software.de/repo/usr/$UUID" > /etc/7.10.0/vars/EPAGES_REPO

Patch Flex Store

The stores are patched automatically as before.