Measure to increase system security 6.17.41
Created: 6.0.8; Updated: 6.17.5

Some security measures were integrated into the ePages package, like an integrity check and a new user concept. But ePages hosts (providers) need to ensure the security of the system. The following measures should be performed to ensure data security and restricted access.

The recommendations are mainly for c-systems (UNIX).

Table of Contents

1 Open as Few Ports as Possible

  80 (http), 443 (https) and 22 (ssh)

Check this by using a port scanner, such as nmap:

  chkconfig --list

  rpm -qa

1.1 Web Server

2 Restrict Login and SSH Access

The following measures are listed by their importance.

2.1 Very Important

  Protocol 2

  PermitRootLogin no

  AllowGroups sshconn

  PasswordAuthentication no


2.2 Important

  declare -rx TMOUT=18000

2.3 Less Important

  # comment line: #Default requiretty



  AddressFamily inet6
  Port 2345

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