GET/rs/Queries system status
GET/rs/coreReturns all core infos for every solr-master server
GET/rs/core/{group}/{name}Returns corename status for every solr-master server
GET/rs/core/{name}Returns corename status for every solr-master server
POST/rs/product/{dsName}Creates or replaces the search indices for shops of the same store.
POST/rs/product/{dsName}/{shopGUID}Creates or replaces the search index for a shop of a store.
DELETE/rs/product/{dsName}/{shopGUID}Drops a search index
POST/rs/product/{dsName}/{shopGUID}/deleteDeletes contents of a search index
POST/rs/product/{dsName}/{shopGUID}/searchPerforms a search on the index (this POST call is idempotent) Uses an idempotent POST call as suggested in the RESTful Web Services Cookbook.
GET/rs/product/{dsName}/{shopGUID}/suggest?q=?&lang=?search suggestions
GET/rs/product/{dsName}/{shopGUID}/suggest/jsonp?q=?&callback=?&lang=?search suggestions as JSON with Padding
POST/rs/product/{dsName}/{shopGUID}/updateUpdates contents of a search index
GET/rs/task/{taskId}Retrieves a task.
POST/rs/{dsName}/{shopGUID}/pdfTransforms the given HTML data into a PDF file.
POST/rs/{dsName}/{shopGUID}/pdf/mergeMerge multiple PDF documents into a single one.