Confianza Online

When using CONFIANZA ONLINE's Trustmark the company shows an added value allowing the differentiation among the rest of the companies which do not wish to comply with any ethical rules. The out-of-court dispute resolution system helps achieving their customer's loyalty and to communicate confidence and credibility through the Internet.

Visit our web site to get information on the joining procedure: Joining procedure.
Once your company get certified, you must insert your company's name and extension provided by CONFIANZA ONLINE on field Page name. Then click, Save button.

You then have the right to present the CONFIANZA ONLINE's Trustmark in your shop. To do this, a page element is available which you can place on your Web page.

When clicking on CONFIANZA ONLINE's Trustmark on the adhered company's website, the users shall have access to a specific page dedicated to the company on CONFIANZA ONLINE's website. It will include the legal and contact information, with the commitments as an adhered company and allowing the presentation of complaints against it through the website.

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